Leah Rae Lambert, Author

The Unveiling

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“In this fascinating novel of multiple traumas—of forced migration, severe mental illness, and the destructive weight of family secrets—fiction mirrors the fractures in many real lives. The Unveiling is moving and knowledgeable writing...it helps us understand how a major psychiatric disorder is experienced, its impact on families, and how an unveiling, both literally and figuratively, can reinforce resilience and hope.” 


—Harriet P. Lefley, Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine


"I just finished your book and found it enthralling…I didn’t feel as though I was reading a book, I felt as though I was having an experience, one I could never have had without reading specifics of family life as you portray it in pre-revolutionary Russia."

– Michael Colgrass, Pullitzer-Prize Winning Composer and Author

“A brilliant portrayal of the life of a family as it attempts to adjust to the transition into the American culture.  It describes the impact of mental illness on the family and the stigma and fear that led to keeping secrets that, when revealed, liberated the family. The engrossing novel provides an important case study that shows the effects of social attitudes toward mental illness on the health of a family.

 — Morton Coleman, Ph.D., Board Member, Southwest Pennsylvania Chapter, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill; Professor, Director Emeritus, University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work




















"What a dramatic novel of a valiant woman...I could not put this book down; I recommend it enthusiastically to families bearing the burden and stigma of mental illness and to mental health professionals who work with them.

__Emil S. Trellis, M.D., Distinguished Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association
“This riveting account of a family’s struggle with stigma, shame, economic hardship, derision, loss, and grief should be read by everyone who knows a person suffering from mental illness.
  As a lifetime mental health professional and relative of a person with mental illness, I’ve seen and read numerous personal accounts, all of them powerful. This distinguished book is unsurpassed among them.”


Harriette C Johnson, MSW, PhD, Professor, University of Connecticut School of Social Work



“This work leaves one with a sense of authenticity. At no point did I feel the need to suspend disbelief. Reading The Unveiling evokes a complex set of strong feelings: indignation, guilt, sadness and eventually a sense of joy. 


— A. S. Macpherson MD, MSc., FRCPC, Professor Emeritus, Psychiatry, McMaster University





             Western Psychiatric Institute - Pittsburgh

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